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Monday, September 28, 2009

Batman Paper Doll - Standard

Well I had the day off of my retail job today and decided to make my Batman paperdoll...mentioned below the previous post.

And he does really work! Check it out!

[excuse the HORRENDOUS camera phone was the only picture taking device nearby!!]

I'll try to make some more outfits...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cupcake Couture

I wanted to draw a girl with clothes like a cupcake.
I scrapped my initial sketch when I didn't like how the shorts would be the only thing showing since her back was to the audience.
Now if only I could think of something nifty to do with this.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Many Updates; One Posting

Alright well I've been so uninspired all week long, and the previous week etc.

Applying for lots of jobs only to get no responses. :\

One was for designing paper dolls for a children's magazine and inspiration hit me like a bolt of lightening. I'll make a set of paper dolls! I wanted to do an animal, maybe a cat and a puppy but I thought that would be too Hello Kitty-ish.

I also did a sketch a few weeks ago for another pin-up girl. One that resembles a cupcake and try to expand, or make a set with my Miss Muffet pin-up. That's in the works.

But, yesterday I just bought the new Batman game, Arkham Asylum for my xbawks 360.
I'm all Batman, Batman, Batman now. Drawing inspiration from that, I decided to take my first concept and make instead a BATMAN PAPERDOLL SET.

PLUSSS I'd love to re-visit and polish up my Halloween set. I didn't make the goody bags. I have another ferret to make as well . . .

Well okay, so I have all these half finished, just started projects floating around on paper and my computer, and PLUS my awesome buddy Jame's Birthday is coming up soon. Sooo I'm going to make him something. But he has Blogger so I can't say what it isssss on hereeeeee.

His present is now NUMBER ONE PRIORITY rofll.

I think he will like it. And I'm sure I can finish it before his birthday.

PS: Since I'm on my dell you're just going to have to deal with shitty cellphone camera quality pics of my sketches MMKAY.

Off to work. :D

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fight Club . . . with ferrets

Sigh, I know I have not updated lately.
Unforunately and fortunately, I got loads of hours at my retail job.
Money for me, but less time to work on my art.
I have about 3 drawings that I started but haven't found the time to finish.

I did make this little guy today in honor of a conversation I had with a friend about Fight Club . . .with Ferrets. This is my Ferret. He has racing stripes and a knife. The racing stripes are red so he goes super fast.

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