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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Team Tracy T-shirts!

A new design has been added to the Team Tracy Gear shop on Spreadshirt!!

I created an outline of Tracy DiMarco with text to the left that reads, "Team Tracy." The design was born from an amazing photograph of Tracy herself and some inspiration from 80's Barbie illustrations!

The design comes in a pink for Women's, a white for Men's and a standard sized Pink Tye Dye T-shirt!!

To pick up your own screen printed Team Tracy T-shirt like these visit the Spreadshirt shop at :) Official Team Tracy Gear!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Brittany Connors from "ClubZone.FM" Portrait

Hey everyone! Just wanted to post another portrait I created!

Brittany Conors is a make-up artist and also ClubZone.FM's entertainment personality! She has close connections to a lot of celebrities including the cast of Jerseylicious!! I was super psyched of course when she approached me to create a cartoon for her!!

Here is the photo she provided:

And here is the illustration I created from it:

Isn't it adorable?? It came out great and she loves it as well!! She is such a nice person and a huge supporter of my work with her tweets, Facebook posts, and even gave me a shout out on air!! Wow!!

Don't forget to listen to ClubZone.FM and follow Brittany on Twitter @brittyygracee!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Teray and Brett Wedding Portrait!!

Hey everyone just wanted to update the blog with another illustration I created this year!! I got in contact with a really great client named Teray!! She was engaged and wanted a portrait created from one of her engagement photos for her wedding!

There were a ton of photos to choose from! I wanted to incorporate her wedding colors as well, so I made sure to ask for those. Here is what I came up with:

She was really happy with how it turned out and so was I!!

They are both now happily married, congratulations to them!! And I wish them much luck in their future!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jerseylicious Season 3!! Get ready for more Tracy!

Hey everyone do not forget about Jerseylicious tonight!! It is finally back for Season 3. I am so proud of Tracy and the show!! It is currently Style Network's highest rated program and with all the press it got including huge billboards in Timesquare I am hoping it will return for a 4th season :)

But anyway! In celebration of the new Season tonight I wanted to post a bunch of Tracy cartoons that I didn't add to my blog yet. You can view any of them on her Facebook page and even some on her fan page!! She is such a huge supporter of my artwork and honestly one of the kindest and genuine celebrities I have ever had the pleasure in my life to meet!

So here goes! Starting with one that was really popular and probably one of my favorites.

I love the color of the dress in the photo, it is such a subdued green. I decided to match that green with other earth colors for the final cartoon below:

Next is some classic jersey style: ANIMAL PRINT!! Zebra to be exact, my favorite animal print!

And I didn't just create a portrait of Tracy from the photo, I thought of the box so to speak and created a DOLL of Tracy from the photo!!

Complete with a mini hairspray to keep her hair in check and a comb to style it anyway you would like!! Wouldn't it be awesome to see a Jerseylicious doll next to Barbie on the shelf??? I would buy one!!

And lastly is the latest one I created just in time for summer!!

I really loved the bag in the photograph, hot pink is my *second* favorite color and the outfit is adorable. I added some cute tropical flowers to the background and used lots of similar summery colors in the cartoon:

I love Tracy's style and she is one of my biggest role models! She is not intimidated by anyone, never afraid to speak her mind, a true entrepreneur and has an amazing sense of style! Most of the jewelry she sports on the show she even purchases from independent artists and crafters!!

I created these all from photographs with Tracy's permission of course! She loves them and you can get your own just by hitting up the contact page of my website at :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

ModCloth "Cute as a Button" Contest!!

Hey everyone! I am currently entered in a Facebook contest hosted by ModCloth that my awesome friend Emily told me about!! The premise of the contest is to design a button that is well, as cute as a button :) and get the most votes!! The top five designs get judged and a winner is chosen!

I have been spreading the word the best I can, everyday to EVERYONE so I can win! Here is my entry:

I think my design has a fighting chance, my cute little monsters are actually one of the top things that brings people to my blog!! So why not put them on a button!!

I am by no means good at any popularity contest so I am asking for everyone I knows help!

To vote you just need to log-on to Facebook and click vote on my entry here: and spread the word I need like...60 more votes atleast!!

Voting ends May 10th! Thanks everyone and wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Chris Chaput Portrait!!

A client had approached me to create a digital portrait as a birthday to their sibling Chris! I was really excited about this project! Not too often do I get to work on a MALE portrait, unless of course it is the portrait of a couple together!

She gave me lots of really great reference photos and also wanted to incorporate his logo into the piece as well. We agreed our favorite was probably this one:

It showed his love for skateboarding and his brand!!

Here is what I came up with:

Probably the most challenging part of this piece was the details of the wheels! Each wheel had it's own different design on it and I wanted to be as close as possible to the real deal!

I think it turned out really great! The client was pleased with it and it was shipped off in time to be framed and wrapped up as a one-of-a-kind gift :)

To get your own custom digital portrait done by me, Laura Pennington, feel free to hit up the contact section of my website at:

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