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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Homemade Easter Gift :)

Hey everyone!! I got to celebrate Easter weekend with my awesome friend Kara. Queen is practically her religion and she loves Freddie Mercury so I set out to create a Freddie Mercury Easter Bunny :)

First I drew out the pattern and bought a few different colors of felt and a pair of wiggle eyes. I already had a sewing machine and heaps of needles and thread laying around. But, I am not the best at sewing unfortunately so I tried my best!

Between working on a sewing machine, using lots of tacky glue and some poor hand stitching skills my creation was complete!

I put it in a basket filled with homemade sugar cookies, a Ring Pop, a Snickers Egg and a Hershey's Marshmallow bunny and lots of pink Easter grass and gave it as a gift to Kara!!

With more practice I am sure I could create something a lot more polished, but I was really proud with how my first stuffed animal came out!!

Hope everyone had a great Easter :D

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another Portrait for Jacquelina!

About a month ago I got a chance to create another portrait of Jacquelina from Jerseylicious. She requested I do a different portrait of her and her husband!! Different from her wedding picture, she just wanted a simple portrait of them together.

Here is the photo she gave me to work with:

The biggest challenge of this portrait was making sure that tattoo on his arm was a PERFECT match to the photo. I drew inspiration for the background from the colors in the tattoo as well. Talk about fine detail!!

Here is how the finished product turned out:

She was really happy with it, and so was I!! She is such a fun person to work with and I hope to do more business with her again sometime!!

Don't forget to look out for Jacquelina in the new season of Jerseylicious Sundays starting on May 15th!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Team Tracy T-shirts on Spreadshirt!!

Hey everyone! They have finally arrived!! Tracy had been talking about creating a shirt for her fans to wear with her famous quote, "The higher your hair, the closer you are to heaven!" so I set out to make that a reality!!

With her permission I re-designed a sample she had provided online. I made the silhouette an actual silhouette of Tracy and jazzed up the quote a little. I wanted it to be able to be printed on light and dark shirts so I created one print with white text, and one with black text.

It took awhile to find the right place to get the shirts printed at. I wanted it to be some place that I would not have to worry about printing them on my own. After searching the internet and starting up a few screen printing "shops" online, I found Spreadshirt to be the right fit.

I ordered two for myself as samples to see how they would come out. The pink and black prints a LITTLE darker than I imagined, but it has grown on me, I think it still looks great!

It comes in a men's size, juniors size, and women's size in both pink and black, and white for the guys.

Keep in mind I am not printing these from my own home, Spreadshirt is, and pricing is pretty much controlled by Spreadshirt as well as customer service!! If you are interested in getting your hands on your own, check out the T-shirt shop at:!

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