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Friday, May 22, 2015

Illustration Friday - One Sweet "Melt!"

Good afternoon everyone and Happy Friday!! I couldn't resist doodling something up for this week's "Illustration Friday," topic as soon as I saw it! The theme for this week is "Melt." Of course, immediately my mind goes to food. There are so many food centric items that melt it was hard picking just one! But I decided on this summer favorite:

S'Moreeeesssss! Now that's one melty dessert! Whether toasting a marshmallow by a warm fire or nuking it for about 10 seconds, s'mores are an excellent treat with double the meltiness. You get melted chocolate AND a big messy marshmallow in one cracker sandwich. Hope you enjoyed my "Illustration Friday," contribution for the week and a happy and safe holiday weekend.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Illustration Friday - "Nefarious" City Girl

Good morning everyone!! Just wanted to throw a quick "Illustration Friday," post up before the theme flips over for tomorrow. This week's theme was "Nefarious." Nefarious is another word for "criminal," or even "wicked" which is quite the opposite of work I typically post. I was going for shady but still feminine when I created this piece:

A tough looking, no nonsense city girl. Even my color palette was darker and more muted than what I would normally choose. She's one tough cookie with her sharp business wardrobe complete with the  viciously-cliche toothpick jutting out of her crimson lips. A quick doodle but a great exercise in expanding my horizons creatively!! Hope you enjoyed my "Illustration Friday," contribution for the week and a happy weekend.

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