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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Helmet Powers! Illustration

Hey everyone just wanted to update the blog with a cute and silly illustration I did recently. I've met a lot of great people off the "Tour Crush" message board which sadly no longer exists. One of those people is Mooch. Even though we live in two different states we must be psychically connected.

A while back (in 2010 to be precise) a photo was taken of me sporting a cute unicorn helmet for kids. One day Catherine ALSO took a candid shot of herself with a kitten helmet by the same company.


And thus, an illustration was born.

Catherine on the left and myself on the right are like the "Wonder Twins," activating our secret and awesome abilities powered by our ridiculous helmets. Very silly I know. I hope it brightened your day somehow reader and I hope everyone enjoys their weekend :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Women Supporting Women Event, Wayne NJ

In the beginning of May me, dad and my friend Ashley headed to a charitable event called, "Women Supporting Women," in Wayne New Jersey hosted by Brittany Connors. You might remember Brittany from Club Zone FM and maybe you were lucky enough to catch her on Jerseylicious working at the NEW Anthony Robert's Salon.

The event was a shopping event. Lots of different vendors were there. The ones that stuck out the most to me were Tutu Boutique and Dawn of New York.

Photo via Facebook Page (me in the Background hehe)

Both sold some pretty sweet hair accessories. I have an addiction to bows so I couldn't resist taking some home for my and friends back in Pennsylvania.

Photo via Facebook Page

Plus the Sales representatives there were so personable and helped me make the ever crucial decision of making a decision!!

The food was also great. I got to meet a lot new people and of course see what my favorite Jerseylicious girls were up to.

Jackie Bianchi was there sans her baby bump!! (the time I saw her she still had her bun in the oven) And Tracy DiMarco even brought her cute little puppy MIA who I pretty much stole the entire time.

Wow!! I cannot wait to go to another event!! Remember to look out for Brittany at the NEW Anthony Roberts Salon. Like her on Facebook by going to!!

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