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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Last Week

Hey doodleblog. Blah blah blah excuses work etc. Well I have been working on my Christmas cards. I literally did no artwork last week since I was covering a lot of shifts at work, including working 10-4 and then coming back to work 7-close...grrr...

Me and a friend sat down last nite trying to figure out the best way to turn out a profit, since I just orderedt hose from the printer, and I'm probably going to sell them in packs of six, for about 12 dollars.

My little Christmas fairies I haven't been working on due to issues transferring files back and forth the various computers that I own :\

Work on my website has halted...for now. I made a few changes in organizing my portfolio with some new nifty buttons. Here's a screen cap but for the full effect be sure to visit my site at :D

Oh and used my two days off to have a Halloween Party with my friends...I was Robin!

So hope everyone had a good Halloween.

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