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Monday, July 12, 2010


Hey everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know I joined a great cause. There is a new site called It is giving artists the opportunity to create a work of art, to be sold. They are raising social awareness with help of the Blind Project about survivors and victims of the commercial sex trade in South East Asia. Three girls have three unique stories and it is your job to illustrate them.

I chose Jiali's story. She did not know her boyfriend had plans to sell her into slavery. He told her to look extra pretty the day he took her to the bar. Luckily she was informed of what was really going on and managed to escape to a safe house where she has learned what it feels like to be really loved. Here is the design I created for her story:

You have until September 15th to submit an entry. The designs will then be voted on for a winner from September 16th to October 7th. My design is up in their gallery, I'll remind you guys once it's time to vote, for now check it out @


shineyglam said...

You have a very very cute blog site!!! i soooo love it! and you really have such awesome talent. lucky lady.

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see yah there!

shineyglam said...
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Kara said...

OMG! Idk if i could come up with something as interesting as yours!

I'll try to do it but idk if it'll turn out as great as yours did.

lauradoodles said...

Thank you both.

Kara I am sure you will come up with something great. That contest is right up you alley...

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