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Friday, February 25, 2011

Jacquelina from Jerseylicious Wedding Portrait!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to feature one of the most recent pictures I did. I was approached by another Jerseylicious cast member to create a digital portrait. Her name is Jacquelina!

When Season 2 wrapped up she was working at Anthony's Salon! You have probably spotted her frequently in the last few episodes, especially at New Jersey Fashion Week with Anthony and Olivia.

She asked me to draw her a wedding portrait. This would be the second one in the history of my illustration career. Jacquelina and her husband together make such a happy couple. The photos they sent me were stunning. I knew right away I wanted to recreate this one:

She also showed me a lot of reference photos everything from the ring to the bouquet and even the veil. I really pride myself on capturing the fine details that bring out the personalities of individuals and what makes them unique. Cartoony and cute but still remaining really accurate in fine details.

I added an olive background and some elegant swirls and here is the finished product:

She was really pleased with it and I even added it to my portfolio on It is now one of my favorite pieces!! I was also requested to work on a SECOND illustration for her that I am currently working on right now!!

I hope everyone has a good day!

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Anonymous said...

That is so awesome. She looks fabulous

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