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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Homemade Easter Gift :)

Hey everyone!! I got to celebrate Easter weekend with my awesome friend Kara. Queen is practically her religion and she loves Freddie Mercury so I set out to create a Freddie Mercury Easter Bunny :)

First I drew out the pattern and bought a few different colors of felt and a pair of wiggle eyes. I already had a sewing machine and heaps of needles and thread laying around. But, I am not the best at sewing unfortunately so I tried my best!

Between working on a sewing machine, using lots of tacky glue and some poor hand stitching skills my creation was complete!

I put it in a basket filled with homemade sugar cookies, a Ring Pop, a Snickers Egg and a Hershey's Marshmallow bunny and lots of pink Easter grass and gave it as a gift to Kara!!

With more practice I am sure I could create something a lot more polished, but I was really proud with how my first stuffed animal came out!!

Hope everyone had a great Easter :D

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