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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Snazzy Face Painting Las Vegas - Banner Sighting!

Hey everyone!! Since I posted about the new grand opening and cartoon brand identity created by yours truly for the awesome bakery, Cakalicious I thought I would post another one of my client's successful signs!!

Nearly a year ago Alyssa, owner of Snazzy Face Painting Las Vegas has an idea for a logo that stood for her as an artist but also the love she has for the city she calls home. We worked one-on-one together to create a cute and completely personalized work of art she could use for her business. I was happy to find out at one of her most recent events she brought along this banner:

The banner was used at a recent event she worked in February at the Sketchers Outlet for their 2nd year anniversary! Snazzy Face Painting is fun for almost any occasion whether it's indoors or out!! Visit their official Facebook page ( to check out photos of some of Alyssa's happy and snazzy looking customers! 

Be sure to "like" them to keep up to date with all their events and help spread the word about a great new business!! If you have a logo of your own that's been swirling around your mind or sketched out on a napkin be sure to contact me at to make your big idea a reality!

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