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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Illustration Friday: "Worn" Trunk Murderess

Hey everyone!! Just wanted to post my illustration for this week's "Illustration Friday," post. The chosen theme was "Worn." I took to google and got the definition of "damaged and shabby or very tired." I decided to create a piece depicting, "Winnie Ruth Judd," aka the "Trunk Mudderess":

Ruth Judd was convicted of murdering her two best friends back in the 1930s and placing them in a trunk that she attempted to transport at a train-station to Los Angeles. The entire case as well as what Ruth Judd was put through left her an extremely "worn" woman. Way more macabre than anything I usually create I decided to place newspaper clippings I found online around the illustration as a background.


Nathalie Choupay said...

Love the news paper on the background.

Laura said...

Thank you so much!! :)

Sandra - Breakaway said...

I also love the newspaper background ;)

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