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Monday, August 10, 2009

Got my CD from Computer Arts Projects

Excuse my appearance for this post. Computer Arts is an AMAZING magazine for Graphic Designers and Illustrators alike. It's actually from the UK, I still buy it in Border's all the timeee because it's excellent eyecandy, features epic tutorials, and tons of inspiration.

The issues literal suck me in like a black hole. A few weeks ago I snagged issue 124 of the CA Projects from Borders. I read it through and through which took me about a week with my hectic schedule, and when I finally got to the end, I realized, doh! Someone took the CD! Because there was no CD there.

I was devastated, especially after it taunted me by listing the features of the issues CD, including FREE FRONTS! And who can't get enough fonts, amirite?

Well anyway, thank goodness for the little miracle called Twitter. I tweeted the magazine and they had no problem with shipping a free replacement CD to me in the states making them my new best friends in the whole world. :D

PS: Here's just three of the fonts on the CD I threw together in excitement upon getting them like, .2 minutes ago.

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