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Friday, March 12, 2010

I Disappeared Once More

Pretty much been getting into a lot of trouble lately.
Got into another car accident during a snow storm in February.
The horn died about a couple of weeks ago.
A fuse blew on Monday leaving it stuck in park.
And finally today, the battery died while I'm in a parking lot.
Oh by the way I'm super sick.

But I have been doing some art lately in more of the crafts category. A friend and I went to a book making seminar. Both of us are struggling designers who graduated from the same school.

So, when I get a little extra money, I'll be setting up a new online shop and selling some handmade journals.

I also made some Lady Gaga Valentine's in February but do to my other accident I wasn't able to finish them on time for Valentine's day. However I still do have the Vectors...maybe I can turn them into e-cards or something, I'll figure it out later.

Here are some Photos of my journals:

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