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Friday, April 30, 2010

So you're going to a concert...

I'm going to a concert this afternoon and I'm just getting everything ready I figured I would write out some helpful tips to concert going-n00bs...(all images courtesy of Google Images)

1) Bring only what you need

DO NOT bring a lot of things. At maximum I just carry some cash, my ID, the ticket and maybe my debit card. And I most certainly do not bring in my REAL wallet either. If your wallet gets stolen, dropped, or lost and you have your credit cards, photographs, and other valuables lurking inside it, mostly likely all those things are gone. Forever.

2) DO NOT bring any bags/ purses

Do not carry heavy baggage or purses. Usually you do get searched at shows, and the longer it takes them to search through your belongings, the longer you're in line, and the longer you're in line, etc etc.

Also, things get lost at shows. I've seen this happen at Bamboozle. My friend brought her whole little mini backpack purses with her, and got stuck in a mosh pit for the Devil Wears Prada. Her camera, journal, wallet, ID, everything, was now trampled by the crowd or picked up by whoever found it. Total beginner's mistake.

3) Know your venue

Sometimes you can't help the fact you are going to this venue for the first time but it's really important to get acquainted with it. It's important to find out where to park. True story, me and my brother went to a certain venue for the first time, there were guys with traffics vests on flagging cars into parking spots, then charging about 4 dollars to park in the lot. Well, they flagged us into a gay bar's parking lot when you could ACTUALLY park right outside the venue.

Plus the more you know about the venue you are going to the more of an upper hand you have to beat out the people who are just excited as you are to get to the front of the line.

4) Know your Tickets

If you are buying a ticket and are young, able, ready to push through the crowd, you are better off getting General Admission. General Admission usually means the standing room only, or the space right in front of the stage. If you are good, or lucky, you can make your way to the front and get the best *standing* seat in the house.

But if you are older, do not like getting pushed around, fragile, or disabled try getting a ticket that's to an actual seat. You're further away from the action, but it's less likely you will become injured by 14yr old boys running on optimum testosterone.

If you are short, and can stand the huge thick chunky boots to make you a couple inches taller, I highly recommend these so you do not drown in a sea of people.

5) Show up early

You know know what could happen. There could be traffic. There could be a storm. Try to show up early. The earlier the better. I've been to concerts where I've shown up HOURS early, and sure it was boring being the only two people in line, but we were the FIRST two people in line.

6) Dress up

Be creative in the way you dress. Everyone might be wearing the latest Alternative bands Hot Topic t-shirt but only you could be wearing your own hand made band apparel. Make or customize your own t-shirt, pins, arm warmers, glasses, shoes etc. Don't just buy magic markers and write on the shirt either, THINK BIG. Be original and show your love!! You'll stick out a lot more and attract more attention than your run of the mill "fan" with deep enough pockets to buy licensed merchandise at the mall.

7) Wear comfortable shoes

At concerts you do a lot of standing and waiting, walking, and a lot more foot-oriented activities. Wear a shoe that you are comfortable in. And wear a shoe you are not worried about getting stomped on by fellow concert-go-ers.

8) Be aware of volume

Concerts are loud. Be aware of where you are standing. How close you are to the speakers??
If you are at a concert and not used to the loud sound that it produces, your ears may ring or not be in tip-top shape for a day...or two. Sometimes it lasts a week. Usually this is okay. It's just temporary ear trauma.

But the more you expose yourself to that the more damage you could do to ears. Be aware of this. If need be, bring a pair of ear plugs. I know this sounds retarded but you can still hear the sound, and you'll hear it a bit more crisper than loud, obnoxious thumping.

9) Have fun

That's the most important part!! Follow these tips, not only will you have a blast at seeing your favorite artist on stage, but you'll come home all in one piece!! Happy moshing!


CMYKat said...

Good concert tips. I went to this one venue that sounded normal, but it ended up being a goth club. I got stared at the whole night because I wore bright colors while everyone else was in black lol. So the know your venue is important.

Maria Palito said...

Nice tips! I took notes to do it next time... Nice blog, Nice design and good ideas for Super Fluffy Pancakes !!

Maria Palito

lauradoodles said...

Thank for the comment :] I am glad you like my recipe :D

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