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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sweet Ambrosia

Hey everyone I just want to write an update of lots of things to come!! I am getting myself super organized. The freelance illustration book I bought has actually been a big help. On my days off I have been reading it as soon as I wake up, about 20 pages a day. I'm sorry but I am a slow reader >.>

Anyway! I got an e-mail from the girls that write the Sweet Abrosia blog. They create awesome objects for the Sims 3 (WARNING VERY ADDICTIVE GAME, trust me on this one)!! And they featured my pancake recipe in their cookbook object.

There site is very cute!! There are a lot more cute recipes featured in the book. And even some handy bookmarks with tips on creating these recipes.

I love there site! They have a killer layout and they are wonderful at what they do! There are just too many cute things to download. If you play the Sims you MUST visit this site. You'll go on a shopping spree. And if you don't play the Sims, get inspired by their work to create something great of your own!

I love their artistic style and would love to collaborate on more projects with them!! Check out their blog here:

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Sweet Ambrosia said...

Thank you soooooooooo much Laura! Your work is awesome! My sister and I are happy that you love our blog. Thanks for being so kind to allow us to your artwork. I chose your recipe because of it's very beautiful and extremely cute design. You must have been born with talent like that. I don't think anyone could just learn to do work like that. Please continue to make gorgeous creations and I hope to do more projects together. Thanks Laura!

P.S. I will also add your site(s), including this one, to our blog. Thanks again!

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