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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire 2011

Hey everyone! I just wanted to blog about my visit to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. I went on October 1st with all my friends.

Everyone dresses in medieval costumes and you even get a discount if you dress up so I dressed up as BATMAN. Technically . . .I was actually supposed to be dressed as a girl can possibly do of Hank Venture as Batman AKA "The Bat." Because, Hank, like myself, loves Batman and if there is any reason to don a costume or fancy outfit he goes straight for the Batsuit.

Complete with umbrella (since it was raining :\)

My friend Kara dressed as a Death Eater from Harry Potter. Everyone was afraid of her costume.

We had a whole lot of fun. At first it was really weird because people like, GOOD DAY and YOU MAKE THE LORD NERVOUS! But then after awhile you just immersed in and used to it and are all like GOD SAVE THE QUEEN! The food there was wonderful and bountiful.

It rained all day though. We still got to see Human Chess and the Joust and a lot of little skits under the comfort of some large tarps. We even got to Paolo Garbanzo the juggler, who is awesome.

There was also lots of cool weapons there including the sword of time and the Hylian shield (pictured below)! There was an awesome pirate lady (pictured above) who told me about weapon for women's at how they aren't allowed any so they usually sharpened up their sewing scissors to stab people with. YAYY!

Everyone was totally cool with me being THE BAT. A knight even came up to me and was like, "Ahh, from one Dark Knight to Another!" There was also a Power Ranger there so I was in good company I suppose. Only one lady was really mad that I was dressed at Batman and gabbed to her and her friends that it wasn't "comi-con." But oh well, screw her. Overall it was a great time and I would definitely go back again :D

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