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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jersey Shore Chirstmas Gift Tags!!

Hello and hope everyone is having a good and safe Holiday this season! The posts have been few and far inbetween. I have been just so busy working on stuff for client's and friends as gifts! Some of the stuff I am just going to wait until after Christmas to post just because they ARE gifts :) don't want to ruin any surprises.

But I did finish something I want to share with everyone. My friend Ashley asked me if I could create for her Jersey Shore Gift Tags for all her Christmas presents. Of course I said yes!

Here are some samples of the tags I came up with:

First I sat down and thought of a list of phrases to put on the tags. Then I used the power of Google Images to search for "Large" size photos of cast members and Christmas themed items. I also downloaded tons of Photoshop brushes from Best Design Options. They have a post that specifically lists over 500+ Christmas Brushes all for free! Wow!

I have one for each cast member. You can download them all on two separate pages:

Page one can be found at

They're completely free to download. I do not claim ownership of the Jersey Shore show or any of it's characters etc etc. Hope everyone has a great Holiday!


♥Bunny♥ said...

omggggggg!! this is just sooooo funny!!

Laura said...

Hahahahah thank you so much :D

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