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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lumpy Space Princess Plush & Wallpaper!

If you haven't heard of Adventure Time, it's a cartoon show on Cartoon Network and I love it. It's silly, the drawing style is simple, and it has a wacky cast of characters, cupcakes and candy, rainbows and SCIENCE! Basically a lot of things that I like.

Sometimes when I feel like I need a new desktop wallpaper, I decide to sit down and my make my own. My wallpaper at work is a cartoon of myself of course but my home computer is the character Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time.

I created the illustration in Illustrator and finished it up in Photoshop. I feel like me and Lumpy Space Princess have a lot of common. We're both lumpy, have a temper, love purple, and talk with deep mono-toned valley girl voices.

I am also a big fan of the a store we have in the states here called, "Hot Topic." So you'd better believe I was excited find a Lumpy Space Princess Plush now in their shop!!

Photo via "Hot Topic"

It is 14" and about 32 dollars and you can get your own by visiting their webstore. I would love to purchase one and use it as a pillow! Also, I by no means, own Adventure Time or it's characters so feel free to use my desktop wallpaper on your own computer!! Hope everyone has a good weekend and catch Adventure Time sometime on Cartoon Network!!


Misa said...

OH my Glob! I like Adventure Time too. I also love the background you made.

Laura said...

Thanks it's seriously the best show on cartoon network right now lol also I love your squid avatar it's so cute!

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