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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Laura Crafts: DIY MSI Tiara

Hey everyone!! Yesterday I posted about a concert I went to in April and I wanted to make a follow up DIY post spotlighting the tiara I was wearing to the concert. The headlining act was MSI short for "Mindless Self Indulgence," one of my favorite bands. They encourage fans to dress up as crazy as they please so I made a custom tiara for the affair:

I posted it on my Facebook page and got a lot of compliments so I figured I would make a how-to for anyone curious about making their own version of the tiara. This project came together with things around the house and started with a tiara from the dollar store. I drew the letters M-S-I out on leftover foamboard and cut them out with an exacto blade.

From there it was time for paint. Go bold, or go home when it comes to shows!! I had leftover "Scribbles" 3D Fabric Paint in "Flourescent Neon Pink," color from another project. With random brushes I applied coat after coat of the paint until it was blindly pink. I painted them on top of an old magazine and once done laid them out in front of the tiara before attaching them.


At first I was going to hot glue the letters to the tiara. But when I found some leftover pink ribbon in a drawer, I decided to tie the letters on instead. I laid the letters one at a time against tiara and weaved ribbon around the letters and between the openings in the tiara. Once the letter felt secure I knotted the ribbon in the back and moved onto the next letter.

After weaving, tying and knotting all the letters through the tiara for extra EXTRA reinforment and I went back and put hotglue over all the knots. And voila! There you have it! A custom tiara. It held up the entire day AND night at the show.

Try spelling out the name of your favorite band at your next concert. Or maybe your friend's name for their birthday. A lot of the stuff I already had around the house but I'm sure you could make it for around 5 dollars at the most. The possibilities are endless for this extremely cheap and fun project!!

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KaraKreative said...

That is a great idea! I wish we could go to more concerts together. Someday!

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