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Monday, May 20, 2013

Lora Warnick "Dream Team" Illustrated Portrait!!

Good morning everyone and happy Monday!! It's been MONTHS since I featured an illustrated portrait I created on the blog so why not post about one today?? Fairly recently I was contacted by a previous client and one of my favorite photographers, Lora Warnick, to create an illustration of her team as a surprise gift!

Photo via Facebook Page

She imagined a landscape type-portrait featuring each individual member of her photography team that illustrated what their main job was when it came to photo-shoots. Her team consists of herself, the photographer, Sarah the Creative Director, Dawn her stylist, Harry the video guy, and Anthony a make-up and hairstylist! She gathered up some photos and I sketched her out a layout then immediately got to work to create her image:

The portrait came out really great! I loved it, Lora loved it and most important her TEAM loved it!! I even got some special thanks from individual team members. This was the first time that I even had drawn that many people in one portrait before. It was challenging and fun to cram everyone in there while still making their unique super powers shine. Here are some close detailed close ups of the portrait:

Each team member received an 8x10 printed copy for themselves and she even posted the digital copy it on her Facebook page. If you haven't checked out Lora's Photography yet she has a website at and a Facebook page at She is such a wonderful person and I was honored to bring her idea to life. contact her on both pages. Hope everyone has a great day!!

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