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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Illustration Friday - Pink "Power" Ranger Kimberly!!

Hey everyone!! The week has just started but I couldn't resist working on another piece for "Illustration Friday," when I found out the theme was "Power." The first thing that comes to my head when I think power?? Power Rangers of course so I decided to create this little cartoon:

That's right the Pink Ranger, Kimberly!! As girly as I am, believe it or not she wasn't my favorite but my second favorite. In my mind, the Yellow Ranger came in first!! I liked her weapon and dinosaur far more than Kimberly's. But I'm sure I would have given my right arm to be EITHER of them!! Hope everyone is having a great week so far!!


josh pincus is crying said...

This is awesome!

Ana M.F. said...

she looks so pretty, nice work!
I remember this series, it was really sad to find out years later that the yellow ranger died in a car accident, she was my favourite too.

Kimberly Eye said...

Wow, this looks awesome!
I leaned more towards the guy power Rangers(cuz I'm a tomboy :'D), but Kimberly and Cassandra were pretty cool too!
Get this: My younger sister a d I were named after the Pink and Yellow Rangers because my brother was so obsessed with the show when we were born XD I can't even begin to tell you how many times I went as the Pink Power Ranger for Halloween haha. Anyway, really great picture again! ovob

Sandra - Breakaway said...

Awesome! I love the pattern on the clothes!

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