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Monday, September 2, 2013

Illustration Friday - Crazy "Lush" VMA Incident

Good afternoon everyone!! I felt like creating another "Illustration Friday," post. This week's word was "lush" and I immediately thought of one individual who created an incident that caught the media's eye for the week. So I created this cartoon portrait:

The infamous VMA Miley Cyrus as a cartoon. I used to love Hannah Montana!! I don't completely agree with what Miley is doing with her career at this very moment but at the same time I don't condemn her. The artistic direction of her last video was pretty fun with the bears, twerk soup and McDonalds french fries skull. I say, let her do what she wants to. Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


darbmister said...

Miley's artistic freedom at the VMA was ours to bear and her moral compass may have gone south. I'll let her artistic freedom go this time, Looking forward to her next show. I like your cartoon.

Creations By Mit said...

Although the last thing I want to see about now is more Miley, this made me laugh!! Great stuff!!!

Doodlestreet said...

Hahahaha...well...I guess she got everyone talking and I'm sure that was the goal. Goal MET! What a great illo here!

Shelley Whiting said...

This one actually made me laugh real loud. Very funny. You really captured the brashness of her personality.

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