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Monday, August 16, 2010

I've been Tagged!!

One of my great friends on Blogspot, Shineyglam, tagged me in one of her posts. She won the Versitile Blog award. Congratulations to her! The best part of the award is you can pass it on to others!

One of those was moi! When you receive the award, you must:
1. Share 7 things about yourself
2. Pass the award onto a few bloggers you have recently discovered
3. Let these blogs know you awarded the Versitle blog award :D

Since I am a very visual person I decided to turn my 7 things into an illustration.

Here is a complete look at the illustration:

Here's the breakdown of each individual square:

I have a pet kitty and his name is Samus. I named him after the early NES game Metroid's protagonist. I realize that Samus is a woman, and my cat is a boy, but I REALLY wanted to name him after a video game character I wouldn't get too upset about if they died.

Call me shallow, but I love teasing my hair. That's how it gets that notable, big shape. I'll never do my hair any other way, no matter what other's have to say because it's practically my trademark and a lot more unique than your typical straight hair. I go through so many cans of hairspray it's ridiculous.

Yep you guessed it, that's a completely accurate illustration of my red Hyundai Accent. The interior of my car is pimped out with Hello Kittty seats, steering wheel cover, floor mats, seat belts, and more!! It's a complete Hello Kitty mobile!

Cows are my numero uno most favorite animal on the planet. I find them to be very majestic. I try to avoid eating beef. But sometimes Hamburger Helper is just too hard to resist...

It's pretty easy to see that I'm obsessed with cupcakes. I mean, just look around you. But wanna know a secret?? I can't bake!! I wish I could! I get really ambitious but my artistic skills don't really flow right across the plane into tasty masterpieces. Just today I TRIED to make some cupcakes today after being inspired by the new show, Cupcake Girls, only to make about 1inch thick little cake circles.

I have about a million pairs of giant sunglasses. About an entire drawer full. I would marry whoever invented these. I don't care if they are out of style or make me look like a giant bug. They fit perfectly over my regular glasses come in so many different colors and styles, it's an addiction.

And finally, I love going to concerts. In fact this Wednesday I'm seeing Crystal Castles. I've been too sooo many, too many to list, but to just give you an idea I've seen anything from Jeffree Star, to Elton John, to Snoop Dogg. I love the energy, meeting new people, and being a couple of feet, and even sometimes INCHES from my favorite musicians.

Well that is about it for me! I want to make ShineyGlam something in return. I haven't got an idea yet though. It'll come to me eventually!!I choose to tag, KaraKreative, Maria Palito, Azie Designs, Amy Lee Designs and my new buddy Maijia. Anyone else who wants to join in on the fun, feel free.

Have a wonderful day!


amy said...

how fun!!! i just posted my respose. ;-)

Anonymous said...

OMG Laura, ive read this post and its so amazing! As always, you made me smile & laughed at the same time. I very much like how you creatively made this post. I am not even bored reading through.
You're my fave blogger ever.


azie designs said...

Just noticed you tagged meeee!!!

I'll be back later today with my response ^.^

lauradoodles said...

Amy - Thanks for posting your tag :)

Shineyglam - Awww nah way you are one of my most favorite bloggers ;) me and you have similar styles in clothes in accessories and I love looking at all your photos!! I'm so glad I made a great blogger friend like you!

Azie - I can't wait to see your blogpost!! Maybe you should do yours with Photographs like I made mine with illustrations

azie designs said...

STILL haven't done my post, but the photos idea is great! I'll try to get it up tomorrow ^.^

azie designs said...

I finally did it!

lauradoodles said...

Aww thanks for posting Azie!! Loved your set!

KaraKreative said...

OH NO!!!! I didn't know I was tagged until now!!! I'll get it up soon though!!! :/

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