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Friday, August 6, 2010

New Hairbows in Shop

Hello everyone! I kept my promise and this Wednesday, my day off I spent stocking up my Etsy shop :D Click on any of the photos for a complete description, price, and details on how to purchase.

Here are some new items ready for purchase from Violet Ink Design:

Ice Blue and White Striped Hairbows

Red and White Polka Dot Snap in Hairbows

Orange and Pink Striped Snap in Hairbow

Each listing is 1 set of 2 bows, and all sets are 2.50 a piece. These are from my generation one set, my original set I sold at my first art show 2 years ago! I have a few left around the house so I thought I would post them :)

I am also making some great contacts on Etsy, Facebook and Twitter while promoting my shop.

My shop carrys TEAM TRACY buttons, handmade journals and hairbows. Be sure to check the full selection at:

Have a great day everyone!!

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shineyglam said...

Hi Laura, i tagged you for an award in my blog. check it out if its ok with you. anywayz, those bows are super adorable!


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