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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cartoon Tracy Madness!!

Hey everyone, sorry for the late update on the posts. Things have been super busy and I did end up getting sick for awhile. The BeABiographer contest is really winding down and it is not looking good for Team Laura!! To place some final votes just click here at:

The important thing is though, (whether I win or lose) is that I made art for a great cause! By showing people my piece I am raising awareness to the social cause at hand; the reality of human sex trafficking. I urge you all to visit the Blind Project's website ( educate yourselves and if you have some extra money, donate to their cause :)

Onto the artwork now! I have done a couple portraits since the last time that I updated. First off is a portrait request from Tracy DiMarco modeling a look from the store Pop Culture! Here is the photo I had to work from:

And here is the finished piece:

I think it turned out great! I just loved the neon green dress and matching bracelets! The important part is that Tracy really enjoyed it :) and when she's happy, I'm happy!!!

Next I did a portait for her and her boyfriend!!! :D They are definitely the cutest couple around! Here is the photo I was provided:

And my finished piece:

How adorable is that??? I even made sure their outfits matched this time!! It did take a longer time for me to do, the camo pattern was REALLY slowing down Illustrator. So much that it refused to save :( it was really annoying!! But once I switched her dress to black, everything went smoothly. I then added the pattern last. And of course I had to add a big pink heart :)

What do you guys think?? I love doing work like this!

ALSO if you are interested in showing your TEAM TRACY pride, the style network has an official store to buy JERSEYLICIOUS merchandise!!

Go to and order yourself a hoodie, shirt, or even a canvas bag!!

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KaraKreative said...

Awww! I love the pictures you did! And the neon is great!

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