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Friday, October 29, 2010

Karen's Wedding Portrait

Hey everyone! Things have been really busy right now. I am only getting a chance to eat my first meal of the day (mac and cheese) and update my blog :)

The latest portrait I got to do was for Karen! She wanted a cute cartoon version of some of her wedding photos. Here is what I created for her:

Is it not adorable?? It was the first wedding portrait I have ever gotten to do and I think it came out fantastically! She really enjoyed it and I cannot wait until she receives the printed copy in her mailbox!! Remember if you are interested in purchasing your own digital portrait drawn by me, Laura, head over to my etsy shop, and click on this listing:

I am also busy working on updating my site. The shop page is really coming together. It longer directly takes you to my etsy shop. I added this graphic as an example of the portaits that I do:

This weekend is also Halloween! Me and my friends from college are getting together hopefully :) cannot wait. Will keep the updates coming!! Have a good day everyone!


Sweet Ambrosia said...

Looks great. You really are talented :)

ShineyGlam said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, its been awhile i know but its just okay. Great work by the way, you really are talented! xoxo

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