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Friday, October 15, 2010

Lauren's Second Portait!

I am still really sick :( but I am going to go to work today! Just sitting in my desk chair, eating a bowl of macaroni and cheese and catching up on my freelance stuff since I was in bed for the past two days; not fun!!

But anyway I wanted to post a client piece I did recently for Lauren. I made a portrait for her before. This time she wanted me to go crazy with the photos she sent me! We are both huge fans of pink and Barbie so I wanted to do something really, really, REALLY pink.

Here is one of the photos I used to work from:

I was a big fan of the sunglasses and the way her hair was blowing in the wind. This is what I created:

It is a very cute and very fashionable cartoon!!

I used three different hues of the color pink, some dark and almost purple, bright pink, and a light pink. The background I did was very simple, clean and geometric. I made some cute embellishments to the sunglasses like a little heart and some pink rhinestones :)

She really liked it!! She is one of my very good customers and I love working on her projects!

Have a good day everyone!


Lauren said...

I just got it in the mail yesterday! You're the best!!! I LOVE it.

Mariapalito said...

Hello Laura !!! Great cartoon :) Your work is lovely . Sorry I hadn't comment lately but I always follow your blog in my reader

have a great day

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