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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday Baking Boxes!!

Hey everyone I know I have not been posting a lot but the holidays have been so freaking busy.

I was working on a lot of little holiday projects here and there. For the entire staff at my work I wanted to make them cute little character boxes filled with a baked good!! I first hit my sketch book and worked out some sketches and ideas for things that involved Christmas and just the chilly Holiday season!!

I narrowed it down to three characters, a penguin with a bow tie, an angel and an elf. I rendered them digitally in illustrator to sit on top of a cupcake. They came out super!

Next I had to figure out how to make the right type and size box.

Yikes! This took an exceedingly long time!! I was never really great at working with paper, origami or any of that jazz. My folding skills just aren't there. So I went through a lot of different templates and dummys until I found THE one!!

It was a candy box! But I figured I could use the lid of the box as a tray to hold what I was planning on baking. This template is great because there is very little scoring and cutting that you have to do compared to OTHER templates.

I then measured and figured out that I could include 4 on each page. I printed them on 65 lb packs of card stock I purchased at Michael's Arts and Crafts for $2.50 in Christmas colors.

Next was the boring part cutting out all the templates. Luckily I still had the Always Sunny in Philadelphia Christmas episode on DVR and enjoyed watching it with my dad while cutting out all the templates.

The rest of the scoring, folding and gluing was also done in front of the tv. I used tacky glue just because I had a teeny tiny bottle of it I needed to get rid of. My tower of boxes slowly increased.

I was in the home stretch, time to measure the finished pieces and print out my little characters. I could fit six characters on each page on the white card stock that came in the Holiday stack.That was super easy and I reused the Tacky Glue to glue the characters to the front of the boxes.

I deicded to bake everyone muffins. It took me about an hour to make them all, but I was cranking them out like a machine thanks to my cupcake maker. Each batch took about eight minutes and while I was waiting for the next batch to bake, I was busy whipping up another batch. As I waited for that batch to bake, I wrapped the cooled muffins in treat bags I also purchased at Michaels.

Here was the finished the product, sitting on the break room table! They were a complete hit!! I was so glad that everyone enjoyed them (and no one got food poisoning either, go me!!). Merry Christmas everyone!!

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Dolce♥Bunny said...

Oh wow, this is just so cute! The penguin reminds me of the gift tag that you made! You're so creative and lol, congratulations on not poisoning anyone! JK! Happy Holidays!

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