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Monday, December 6, 2010

Holiday Gift Tags!

Hey everyone I have been so busy illustrating and shopping and crafting, etc I still had time for a project I had wanted to do both this year and last, create my own Holiday gift tags!! I could easily pick some up at the dollar stores (last year I bought Disney Princess ones) but then again I am an artist and create my own for free.

I wanted to make Holiday and Winter cupcakes. Cupcakes are of course, one my most favorite things on the planet, so why not??? I did a couple of sketches on a napkin at work:

Hey, I didn't say they would be pretty, they are just sketches :P My sketches are always super rough...

And I came up with this sheet of simple vector illustrations:

I just cut them out with a regular pair of scissors leaving a little bit of a white border around them so they can still POP against the colorful wrapping paper I was using.

Here are some photos of what they look like on my gifts:

This is on a gift for my brother, he loves the penguin one!!

And as a treat, I want to share them with you all!! Feel free to download and print the PDF by clicking here:



KaraKreative said...

AWESOME!!!!! I better get one on mine! ;P

Dolce♥Bunny said...

THis is just soooo cuteee!! I really love the pink one with the ribbon! <3

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