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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jerseylicious Season 3!! Get ready for more Tracy!

Hey everyone do not forget about Jerseylicious tonight!! It is finally back for Season 3. I am so proud of Tracy and the show!! It is currently Style Network's highest rated program and with all the press it got including huge billboards in Timesquare I am hoping it will return for a 4th season :)

But anyway! In celebration of the new Season tonight I wanted to post a bunch of Tracy cartoons that I didn't add to my blog yet. You can view any of them on her Facebook page and even some on her fan page!! She is such a huge supporter of my artwork and honestly one of the kindest and genuine celebrities I have ever had the pleasure in my life to meet!

So here goes! Starting with one that was really popular and probably one of my favorites.

I love the color of the dress in the photo, it is such a subdued green. I decided to match that green with other earth colors for the final cartoon below:

Next is some classic jersey style: ANIMAL PRINT!! Zebra to be exact, my favorite animal print!

And I didn't just create a portrait of Tracy from the photo, I thought of the box so to speak and created a DOLL of Tracy from the photo!!

Complete with a mini hairspray to keep her hair in check and a comb to style it anyway you would like!! Wouldn't it be awesome to see a Jerseylicious doll next to Barbie on the shelf??? I would buy one!!

And lastly is the latest one I created just in time for summer!!

I really loved the bag in the photograph, hot pink is my *second* favorite color and the outfit is adorable. I added some cute tropical flowers to the background and used lots of similar summery colors in the cartoon:

I love Tracy's style and she is one of my biggest role models! She is not intimidated by anyone, never afraid to speak her mind, a true entrepreneur and has an amazing sense of style! Most of the jewelry she sports on the show she even purchases from independent artists and crafters!!

I created these all from photographs with Tracy's permission of course! She loves them and you can get your own just by hitting up the contact page of my website at :)

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CMYKat said...

I'm always so jealous of Tracy's hair I wish mine looked as awesome. I also wish I had her fashion sense. When I started watching jerseylicious I was an oliva fan but now I think Tracy is better because oliva starts too much drama. Also you art work is awesome but it always is.

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