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Friday, May 6, 2011

ModCloth "Cute as a Button" Contest!!

Hey everyone! I am currently entered in a Facebook contest hosted by ModCloth that my awesome friend Emily told me about!! The premise of the contest is to design a button that is well, as cute as a button :) and get the most votes!! The top five designs get judged and a winner is chosen!

I have been spreading the word the best I can, everyday to EVERYONE so I can win! Here is my entry:

I think my design has a fighting chance, my cute little monsters are actually one of the top things that brings people to my blog!! So why not put them on a button!!

I am by no means good at any popularity contest so I am asking for everyone I knows help!

To vote you just need to log-on to Facebook and click vote on my entry here: and spread the word I need like...60 more votes atleast!!

Voting ends May 10th! Thanks everyone and wish me luck!

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