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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Whale and the Kitten Illustration

Hey everyone just wanted to update the blog with a project I did this month for someone I work with named Kelsey!! I remember talking to her before and she had a long long long list of favorite things. I love a challenge and I love combining things that usually don't make sense together, sensibly so I let her put a list on Facebook and told her I could create something!

Here is the list of things she came up with:

I had the idea in my head and made a sketch. It didn't take me long to render it in Illustrator. This is my creation:

A sophisticated whale with a mustache, in love with a princess kitten floating along on a lily pad with an owl soaring about with a heavy anchor in claws.

Mr Whale in all his mustach-ed glory!

The portly yet approachable princess kitten!

It is one of the most classic love stories between a whale and a cat ever to be illustrated. She loved it (and so do I) and she also decided to frame it with some rainbow matting:

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


KaraKreative said...

This.... is.... AWESOME!!!!!!!

Laura said...

Thanks yo! It was quite the list.

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