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Monday, September 10, 2012

Marvel Comic's Revisable Bag

September is always a tricky month for me. Why? Because so many people I know have birthdays in September. And there's nothing wrong with that . . . don't get me wrong. BUT that means I have to get that brain buzzin with gift ideas!

My friend Chelsea (pictured above) loves the Thor and Marvel comics AND is also very eco friendly so I decided to go about making her a re-usable grocery bag for any produce she just happens to stumble upon at a Farmer's Market IN an Thor printed fabric.

I grabbed a pattern off the verypurpleperson blog that looked easy enough and went about sewing. I was lucky enough to find a great Marvel fabric from Joanns fabrics and crafts that didn't skimp on the Thor. We tried to center it to feature maximum Thor.

The bag didn't take very long. At most, maybe 2 sittings total. I haven't sewn in awhile though so my mom was able to help me. The first sitting we got everything but the handles done. The handles were probably the only challenging part. Well that and the top stitching around it.

(Yes my table DOES have a glittery table cloth) I forgot to take a photo of it reversed, it is reversible after all but if you can't tell it's yellow on the inside like Thor's hair. Overall it came out great though and is definitely a bag I would make again. Maybe Hello Kitty on one side and Batman on the other. . . hmmmmm.

If you want to try making the revisable bag yourself be sure to check out the craft tutorial here: I hope everyone has a great day!!

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