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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rachel's Illustrated Business Card!

Hey everyone!! Since I recently posted Aisha's illustrated business card, I realized I must have forgot to post my FIRST illustrated business card and that was for a professional figure skating instructor!!

Rachel got in contact me and sent me a few photos. She really liked her photo of herself skating in a blue dress but wanted a pink sparkly dress instead. Here is what I came up with:

Step two was building the perfect layout to compliment the adorable cartoon in a sparkly pink dress! The front of the card featured my illustration in a vertical format with a flourishy hot pink background.

The back of the card changes things up a bit with a horizontal format to feature all her important contact information. The background was repeated tying the back to the front. The entire card is eye catching and expresses both elegance and fun!!

Once again, if you are interested in your own business card design be sure to fill out a contact form on my website, ! Have a super day everyone!!

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howtoscreenplay said...

I always loved that card!

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