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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Inspiration Post: Sugary Sweet Wigs!

It's about that time again! Yep it's the end of the month which means another installment of "What Inspires Laura." A post dedicated to things that inspire me which I can only HOPE bring you, the reader some inspiration as well!!

This month's theme is "Sugary Sweet Wigs." I am a big fan of wigs and sweets so I was sure I could find some inspiration merging both themes together! And sure enough I did! Tons of beautiful yet delicious looking candy-coated wigs all OVER the internet! It was tough to narrow it down to only a top 5 but I managed!

Marie Antoinette Pink Cupcake Print

This is a print available on Etsy by shop owner LeilaniJoyArt. I am a big fan of the Marie Antoinette inspired hair. I mean, I've only illustrated my very own Marie Antoinette inspired party invitations before! Our girl is a bit of a rebel as she samples some sweets baring a lot of skin and showing off her "Sweet" tattoo in a perfectly pink bakery!! I love the added touch of texture by adding a real ribbon. This print is available for sale so if it speaks to you as much as it speaks to me be sure to purchase only on Etsy!

The higher the hair the closer you are to heaven so this girl must be straight up angelic! The photo is a costume by "Bolli Darling," an 18 year old company specializing in unique entertainment and fabulous costumes to add to delight to your next party! The site describes her costume to be "Inspired by Willy Wonka and traditional sweet shops." The wig itself reminds me a lot of an ice cream cone. Check out their website at

This wig isn't exactly stuffed with desserts much like the others on this post but it definitely fires up my imagination. The light pink tightly curled whisps look like cotton candy and I love the pastel lavender and white mixed in. Another Marie Antoinette stylized photo except more traditional with the long sleeves and the model is holding a cupcake so that has to count for something!! The full shoot can be viewed on the RScottPhotographyWeddings Blog here:

This is a long time favorite of mine, a portrait created by Will Cotton. He is the man behind Katy Perry's beautifully painted candy-candy portrait on the cover of her album, "Teenage Dream!" Even though it's not covered in cupcakes it's tangled with ribbon candy, sugar cones and tons of other candy-coated delights that sure look sweet! Get lost in a sugary paradise by visiting his website at

And now the holy grail of all sugary sweet wigs, a wig by Candyland Courtesan FILLED with cupcakes! A towering, elegant hair piece stuffed with feathers and cupcakes on top of ringlets of pink curls. Anyone would feel like a character straight out of the Candyland game wearing this!! The photo ads to the fantasy with a matching cupcake corset and sweet treats spread out on the floor. You can view lots more of their beautiful wigs on their Facebook page:

That's it for this month!! Hope you all enjoyed the crazy candy-coated hairpieces. Halloween is just around the corner maybe you'll construct a sugar sweet wig of your own! Hope everyone has a great week and stay tuned for next month's inspiration post!


KaraKreative said...

Love the Marie Antoinette stuff! And Will Cotton's website made me hungry for cake!

Laura said...

Me too!!!

Anonymous said...

I am the photographer of the Marie shoot. Just wanted to say thank you for us making your top 5. This was a fun shoot. I bought the wig from the USA and had it shipped to Australia and then travelled with the model and the wig and the gown to Melbourne to shoot it at the studio of a fellow photographer. We had been talking about the idea for a while, and just decided to make it happen together. We both shoot different styles and it was fun just to play and work together on this shoot. The rest of the shoot can be seen on my blog at

Laura said...

Oh man that sounds like an adventure. I checked out the full post and I love all the photos. The pictures really came out beautiful how could I NOT ad it?? I think I originally spied this on Pinterest and had been looking for a source, but no luck. So I definitely updated my post to credit you!! Thanks so much!

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