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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Triana Orpheus Illustration: Venture Bros

Hey everyone!! I know I haven't posted lately but things have been so hectic. Fall and Halloween are also my favorite time of the year so I haven't been sitting around the computer lately but instead going out and doing festive stuff with my and my friends!!

(image via Venture Bros Blog)

Something that makes THIS year's Halloween extra special is that the Venture Bros (probably my biggest television obsession) is premiering a new episode tomorrow in the states, at 11h30PM Eastern Time! To raise awareness of the awesome show that is The Venture Bros and since this is my doodle blog I thought I would share a Venture-Themed illustration I created!!

I created it to enter it into a contest (sadly didn't win). The illustration depicts Triana Orpheus, daughter of a necromancer staring at a her closet in fright. If you're not familiar with the show at all, she has every reason to concerned about her glowing closet because it's actually a dimensional portral!

Shhhhh! Don't question it!! Triana isn't one of my favorite characters but the colors of her bedroom and really convinced me to use her as my muse. If your not familliar of what she ACTUALLY looks like, here is a pic of her I kidnapped of the Venture Bros Wiki (

And a close up of my my stylized approach:

I made sure to incorporate a lot of elements that make up Triana's appearance in the show. And some items that caught my attention in scenes they present of her room. A few things include giant grandma panties, a pudding cup and even one of her signature inappropriately short shirts!

I used (and improved upon) the style and technique of my Crystal Castles Alice Glass illustration. Unfortunately for me I don't have too many friends that appreciate the Venture Bros but I urge you to give it at least a try!! I know I'm excited for tomorrow night!! Hope everyone has a great weekend and GO TEAM VENTURE!


KaraKreative said...

It's not that I don't care, it's just I don't have time to watch tv! lol Love the illustration!

Laura said...

Yayyyyy lol I prob watch more tv than you! Even though I don't watch a lot of tv either. I'm obsessed with this show though lol

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