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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy National Plumber's Day!!

Time to celebrate another obscure holiday you probably weren't aware of, "National Plumber's Day!!" Got a leaky faucet? Maybe a busted toilet? Today would be the day to get that repaired!! I created this fun square graphic to remind everyone to celebrate spotlighting MY favorite plumber: 

That's right, Mario from Super Mario Brothers! Keeping it within my artistic style I sketched everything out including text layout on paper first, then scanned it in and rendered it in illustrator. I was originally going to hand-letter the text but I played with some fonts instead and I think it turned out super! How will you celebrate today?


Ashley said...

Last year, my boyfriend was really big into obscure "holidays," and last year AND the year before, I believe I got a "Happy Plumbers Day!" text of some sort. He stopped paying attention after he started repeating himself =/
But I am SO going to text him this image!!!

Laura said...

Hahaha awww that's cute!! I started with counting down to then urging my co-workers to celebrate National Donut Day last year and made it a thing I'm known for today! I hope he liked the fun pics :)

jonesalbert said...

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