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Friday, April 26, 2013

KaraKreative's Birthday 2013!

Hey everyone one of my best friends Kara just so happens to also be a blogger and I wanted to write a post of how we celebrated her birthday this year. This was back in March when it was still super cold outside, and rainy . . . and just dreary. We still wanted something fun to do to celebrate so we picked Bowling!!

 It was no surprise that Kara slaughtered us all look at that form!!

Much like any other sport, I really stink at bowling. It's pretty bad when the owner suggests using bumpers after looking at your scores. But we all still had a really fun time and believe it or not, I was the first person to get a strike! That victory was quickly overshadowed since it was Kara's birthday we let her win. That's not true at all, Kara won both games we played out of pure skill.


But if you haven't gone bowling in a while and need something to do on a day where you can't do outside activities I highly recommend it. After our thrilling games we headed back to the house for some cake and presents. I got Kara an extendable jewelry holder and a cute elephant antibacterial holder for her purse. The awesome thing about the jewelry holder was that it held all her OTHER presents she received!!<

The party's theme was "Owls" and I was lucky enough to find a "Cute Owl Cake" tutorial from Leave Room for Desserts at The recipe I used was a super fudgy chocolate cake that I let cool and then followed the step by step photos from the post. With a little modification and a dash of imagination the owl cake came together:

Kara loved how it turned out and it was delicious! We had such a fun time celebrating Kara's birthday and are planning more creative parties and DIY projects for the summer time. Be sure to check out Kara's blog where she posts about Graphic Design, Movies, Books and more at Hope everyone has a Happy Friday and a great weekend!!


KaraKreative said...

This is awesome! "Look at that form!" Thanks! To be honest I'm surprised I remembered so much of my bowling lessons.

Thank you for mentioning my blog a whopping THREE times!!!! So exciting!

I was thinking we should have two cakes for Ashley's birthday: one a vanilla iceberg and the other a chocolate ship! *Do you get it ship/chip?! Huh, huh?*

You should change the title to 2013 though.

Laura said...

Yayy I'm glad you liked the post :D I'm still really excited about our Titanic party and I legit WILL make a Titanic Pinata.

I am such an idiot how could I mess up that year!! UGHHHHH I changed it lmao.

KaraKreative said...

Let me make the pinata and you make the two cakes. That way I don't feel like a lazy bum. lol I spotted a few other items that Ashley might like:

I've already showed you this one:

and the titanic ice cubes. What do you think?

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