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Monday, April 29, 2013

Illustration Friday - "Farewell" Mr. Cupcake!

Happy Monday everyone!! Why not start the week with an "Illustration Friday," post? Founder "Penelope Dullaghan" announced last week she would sadly be moving on from "Illustration Friday." She left the artists the weekly topic of "Farewell."

Saying "Farewell" is always a sad event. But I hate being sad so I decided to try to spice up the sweet sorrow that is parting. Making friends as a cupcake must be hard; you can't trust anyone. Hope everyone has a super week!


poppylocke said...

aw, that cupcake won't last long! Super-cute illustration, I love it!

Ashley PLP said...

My initial reaction is AWWW THAT IS SOOOO CUTE!!!! Then I think about it... :( Poor cuppy cake!

Laura said...

Heehee thank you both!! :)

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