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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Illustration Friday - "Tribute" to "Bun"

Hey everyone!! Hope last week was a good one. I'm still getting pulled in a lot of different directions in life but I DIDN'T forget about "Illustration Friday." This week's topic was "Tribute." I thought long and hard about this one and decided to create an illustrative tribute to my favorite childhood stuffed animal, a pink bunny named "Bun."

"Bun" was my favorite toy as a baby and I took him everywhere I went. He had pink fur, purple ears, blue eyes and a pink nose I distinctly remember I thought was a jellybean (yes, I chewed on it). "Bun" taught me to be imaginative and I always made sure to include him in all my silly adventures. "Bun" took your typical battlescars; went through the dryer, lost a lot of his pink fur and his stuffing. In my book, he deserves a tribute! 


poppylocke said...

Aw, Bun is so cute! What a great idea for the theme!
My childhood toy was a frog called Freddie and over time he was stitched together with many many different shades of green wool :)

Laura said...

Thank you!! I really thought hard about this week's topic. Awww poor Freddie :P I'm sure Freddie was just much of a pal Bun was :)

Guto de Oliveira said...

Very Funny

Doodlestreet said... adorable! a bit roughed up but looks okay about it :D

Unknown said...

Do you still have Bun??? You should totally include a picture if you do :)

My stuffed animal was Teddy (TOTALLY original). When I got older, my grandmother gave me a second Teddy for "when I have kids" -- seeing what my Teddy looked like when she gave me him back in 1987 is shocking. Mine's totally flatten out, missing the velvet on his nose, scratched in the eyes, and has a hole in his armpit. Poor thing.

Laura said...

Thank you for the compliments everyone!! I do still have him . . . somewhere in an attic or basement. Can't give him up :) He looks worse than this illustration though TRUST ME haha!

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