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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Me and Dad in New Jersey

Hey everyone I'm not doing a very great job of blog updating lately which is sad because I was going to try to beat last month's epic 11 post marathon, the most posts I've made for a month SO FAR.

I have been legitimately busy though. Today I went to New Jersey to a party at the Gatsby Salon, home of the Style Network's show "Jerseylicious" that we all know and love!! My dad was kind enough to take me when I heard about the party and we drove three hours to get there!!

You had to sign in at the abandoned mattress store (the one they filmed the commercial takes in, remember?!?!) and get your picture taken in case you were filmed. They had free food, healthy snacks, soda and water, but you had to pay for ice cream which was :( They were also filming!!

But the best part is I got to deliver Tracy her pictures!! I squeezed my way through a couple people and she recognized me so we hugged and she signed the prints I tried to deliver eons ago in the post! I also got to take my picture with her.

We had left shortly after though since it would be a long long drive. Me and Dad then stopped at WaWa to see if they had pints of Gadzooks! an ice cream made by the radio show near us that we are both big fans of, WMMR.

I am really glad that dad took me to New Jersey!! What a great day!

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