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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Spinach Lasagna Rolls (w/ Illustration)

Hey everyone! Just wanted to update the blog with another one of my adventures in cooking. This Friday I made SkinnyTaste's "Spinach Lasagna Rolls" This is only second pasta dish and my FIRST time having to strain spinach so I was pretty intimidated.

Some people's complaints I read online about making lasagna rolls is that they are hard to roll without tearing. I have never made lasagna noodles in my life but cooked them according to Alton Brown's method on Macaraoni and Cheese episode and had NO problems with them every ripping.

All in all the recipe came out delicious and I would definitely make it again. And I didn't get lazy this time for this blog entry. I actually made an illustration to accompany my noodle adventure. A cute little lasagna roll taking a nap.

Because when you roll them and set them in the pan they all look like they are tucked in for a good night's sleep. To try the recipe for yourself check out the SkinnyTaste blog or just click the link here:

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend!!

1 comment:

KaraKreative said...

Awww!!! It's so cute!!!

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