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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Laura Cooks: Once a Month Mom BBQ Chicken Bites

I know this is an illustration blog but I can't help myself but to post ANOTHER cooking entry. I am trying my hardest to learn this whole "cooking" thing and tend to get REALLY excited when I complete a dish.

Since I eat like a little kid (and look like a little kid anyway) what better recipe to try than some homemade chicken nuggets!! The recipe I tried was "BBQ Chicken Bites," from Once A Month Mom.

The recipe was definitely easy enough for me to complete. One of the ingredients was Hellman's mayonnaise and I HATEEEE mayo. So I substituted the mayo for some plain, nonfat Oiko's Greek Yogurt. And instead of bread crumbs I used the leftover Whole Wheat Panko I used in Alton Brown's Baked Mac and Cheese.

The chicken came out tasting like shake and bake (which I had no problem with) with a hint of BBQ sauce. I dipped mine in the giant container of ranch dressing always in my fridge along with some baby carrots. Mmmmmm!!

To view the full recipe head over to Once a Month Mom or just click on this link: Try it sometime and I hope you all have a good weekend!

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