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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tracy DiMarco and Corey Eps Engagement Portrait!!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to upload the blog with a really glamorous portrait I created. As you may or may not know, Tracy DiMarco from Jerseylicious recently got engaged!!

image via MyStyle

Tracy is someone I always admired from the Style Network show, and as strange as it may seem for a small town girl from Pennsylvania, we have gotten to be great friends!! She has a real appreciation for art!! So when I heard that I got to make a portrait for her engagement I was super psyched!! Tracy was thinking of having a cartoon of her and Corey wearing matching baby blue outfits for their engagement party!

The portrait came out really great!! I made sure to pack it with lots of details. Sparkly, bling-ed out jewels and everything!!

Tracy and Corey are the cutest couple and I am so glad I have gotten to meet them!! I hope I get invited to their wedding!! Jerseylicious is wrapping up here in the states. Who knows what will happen next season??

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