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Monday, May 10, 2010

Lady Gaga Cupcake

Hey all! I was approached by one of my followers on Twitter to tackle a t-shirt project for him when I found myself free. He is an avid Lady Gaga fan (such as myself) and requested that the design involve Lady Gaga. The rest was up to me.

This what I came up with:

My intial concept was Lady Gaga popping OUT of the cupcake but it was too fun to make Lady Gaga BE a cupcake. With disco ball sprinkles :]

I decided to add a shadow on anther copy just because the picture is so light...

Well I hope he likes it :]


Maria Palito said...

jejeje really creative! I love lady gaga she is my favorite!!

have a nice day
maria palito

CMYKat said...

That is awesome.

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