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Friday, May 28, 2010

Logo, Video, and Pictures!

Hey everyone just wanted to update you guys with what's been going on here at home base.

I got to hang out with my friends from college, who are my closest and most favorite buddies on the planet. We had a fun time out and then played with make up like we were 8 again!

Second, the logo I made for EveryoneLovesRobots has finally be unveiled:

Pretty spiffy huh??

THIRD James also posted a new video. I strongly urge you to check out his channel and subscribe! Not only because he is one of my most favorite peeps in the UK because he will make it in the big leagues soon and then you can say, oh yeah, James, I subscribed to his channel when he just had 2 videos! Or something... yeah!

Right now I'm working on his Youtube layout which became a HUGE pain, when I realized you need to be a Youtube Partner to access the full capabilities of customization on Youtube layouts.

So make sure you subscribe so I can use the REAL layout super soon! Have a great weekend everyone!

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