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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Little Mermaid Cake

Hey everyone today was the first day of the "Friends and Family" event discount atMichael's Arts and Crafts. One of the perks of being an associate is you receive a coupon for 40% off your entire purchase including sale items.

Everytime I've been around the Wilton aisle, which is BRAND new, I've been sneaking peaks and plotting of something to bake. Today I decided to put that plan in action. And with the help of my friend Ashley I created a Little Mermaid Cake for under 20 dollars!

I used two Wilton Heart shaped cake pans (the six inch and nine inch) to create the cakes. The cake mix I bought at the grocery store on sale for a dollar and bought some teal food coloring at Michael's to dye the batter. I then stacked the two cooled cakes on top of each other and frosted it with a whipped vanilla frosting (also dyed with the teal) on sale for a dollar at the grocery store.

I decorated the cakes with Little Mermaid sugar decorations, Pink Sparkly Gel icing, a Little Mermaid candle, and a Disney Princess candy ring- all from Michael's!!

Then was the best part, decorating! Now I have NO FUTURE in cake decorating and my friend Ashley asked me why I bake so much. I feel like it just translate across the board. I like to be artistic and express myself as much as much as possible so why not on a cake??

Even though my cake is far from perfect, or even professional I had a lot of fun making it!! I hope you guys get inspired to bake something of your own!!


CMYKat said...

The cake looks noms and also very cute. I'm baking my bf peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes for his birthday.

Laura said...


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