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Monday, May 31, 2010

Haircut and Donated Journals

I hope everyone had a good Holiday weekend!! This weekend has had it's ups and downs.

The good news is, I was approached by a client a little bit back wondering if they could buy two journals from me to donate them to the area Women's Shelter for Domestic Abuse. All the stock I made has been hanging around my shop though so I created two completely new ones for her to donate.

Here is the first one:

The second one:

Detailed shot of a new die-cut method I am experimenting with:

On the inside of both I created a bookplate:

Remember if you are interested in buying similar journals they are available in my Etsy shop:

The bad news is, I got a really bad haircut. Recently I have been quite stressed and over 3 people have complained about the sorry shape of my bangs (fringe). I agreed to let a random woman cut them, then had another woman try to FIX what the first woman "cut."


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