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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy National Ravioli Day!!

Did you know that TODAY is National Ravioli Day?? Mmm carbs! I drew this illustration to celebrate and help spread the word:

Me, personally, I've never made my own pasta. I heard it's a lot of work. A lot of kneading. And involves some sort of "pasta machine" I can't afford. I'll stick to the canned kind. If you haven't had any ravioli today, what are you waiting for?? Treat yourself to the yummy pasta dish to honor this day!!


Ashley PLP said...

Ahh, I effin love ravioli... I might have to have some tonight! (You know, to um, celebrate.)

I buy it in a big bulk bag at Meijer usually. There's directions for baking it (instead of just boiling) which takes a LONG time (compared to said boiling), but it's pretty tasty.

- Ashley

howtoscreenplay said...

I LOVE ravioli!!! You can also fry it like spagetti and it's pretty good that way, too!

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