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Monday, March 25, 2013

Tracy DiMarco Teasing Kit Artwork!!

Hey everyone!! Just wanted to update the blog with an exciting surprise I had over the weekend. If you do not know I am a huge fan of Jerseylicious. I'm not sorry for loving animal print, teasing my hair and pursuing giant rings and hair accessories. My favorite character on the show is Tracy DiMarco because of her big hair, attitude and she is an entrepreneur.

Tracy has always been a big supporter of my art and around Winter time a piece I created was requested to be used on the show. I had no idea when the episode would air so you can imagine my surprise when last night I spotted my cute little cartoon Tracy on the StyleNetwork!!

The episode is was Season 5 Episode 9. Without giving too much away in the episode Tracy creates and sells her own hair teasing kits for all of Jersey since she knows the perfect tease!! My art was part of the packaging on the prototype. I was so psyched to see it on National TV and am so blessed to have great people like Tracy who support my art!!

The kit included a comb, instructions, mini hairspray and everything else you would need to create the perfect Tease!! Tracy already has her own lipstick out as well as her own clothing collection out RIGHT NOW so I am sure a REAL teasing kit is on it's way. If you missed the exact episode it was Season 5 episode 9 titled "What a Tease." Keep track of all the new episodes of Jerseylicious Sunday nights on the StyleNetwork!! Hope everyone has a great day!


KaraKreative said...

OHMYGAWD!!!! That is so awesome!!!!! Congrats girl!!!!

Ashley said...

That's SO freakin' exciting!!!!

Sometimes, I'll be on Etsy, and a seller will state in their info something like "Many celebrities, like Rachel Ray or whoever, have worn my jewelry on their show" and my head explodes a little with the idea of being contacted for something like that. I can even begin lol words blah haha

Congrats!!! I have NO idea how to tease my hair... Maybe I should look into this kit!

- Ashley

Laura said...

Thank you both so much!! Teasing is the best it makes your hair super high if I didn't tease my hair it would be so flat and boring. I was so psyched to see it on TV you have no idea. I had no idea it would be a main thing in the episode LOL

Unknown said...

definitely like to get one of your packages to learn how to tease my hair I think that is such a great idea thanks Tracy.PS tell me how do I order one of those kit to tease my hair.sincerely Candice and God bless to everybody out there.

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